"This is pretty darn cool."

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"What can you do with a second screen on the back of your phone? A lot, it turns out"

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"Look at your smartphone case. If it's plastic or rubber, it's way behind the times, man."

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Always on.

Infinite possibilities.

The Second-Screen For iPhone 6

Instantly customize with anything

Everything you need, at a glance.

Access what’s important to you, without having to unlock your phone. By using a super low-power ePaper screen, instead of your power-hungry iPhone screen, you save your phone’s battery.

Designed in California.

Precision crafted.

Built for protection.

Get popSLATE

  • Compatible with iPhone 6
  • Apple certified
  • BlueTooth™ dual mode connectivity
  • 4″ shatter-proof e-Paper screen
  • High-impact material, edge-to-edge protection
  • Micro USB charging port (cable included)
  • 240 mAh battery gives approx. 7 days of battery life
  • Slideshow mode button
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrades