“What can you do with a second screen on the back of your phone? A lot, it turns out”


“This is pretty darn cool.”

“Look at your smartphone case. If it’s plastic or rubber, it’s way behind the times, man.”

Case Front

App Side


A smart, digital case connected to apps on your phone.

Take any image – from the gallery, camera, your friends, popSLATE artist channels, or even Instagram – and pop it to the always-on popSLATE ePaper screen in the back of your phone.

Pop what you love whenever you like.

Case Back

Back Side



Persistent display of things you love, plus customized information at-a-glance

Powerful Content

Powerful Content

Capture your own images, share with friends, follow your favorite artists and plug into Instagram



App-side to connect with your friends. Back-side to show off in the real-world.

Phone Protection

Phone Protection

Protect your smartphone with the rugged yet stylish design

Full-size Screen

Full-size Screen

Custom-designed screen to cover the entire back of your phone.

Integrated Look & Feel

Integrated Look & Feel

App-side and Back-side work together for a seamless experience

Open API

Open API

Coming soon! Enjoy limitless creations from the global developer community – games, maps, eReaders, messages, notifications and more.

Wireless Interface to Phone

Wireless Interface to Phone

Dual mode communication flips between instant and power-saving pop modes, depending on the situation.

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life

Charge popSLATE only once a week with normal use. Don’t worry — even if you have no battery, the image will stay displayed forever!

How does ‘always-on’ work?

popSLATE uses the latest e-paper display technology, which displays vibrant black and white images while only using power when images change. In other words, no power is required to display your images 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Will the screen break if I drop my phone?

The popSLATE screen is made of plastic so it’s thin, lightweight, and nearly indestructible. The case is also protective and will make sure your phone is safe and sound if you drop it.

Which phones does popSLATE work on?

The current model is for iPhone 5 and 5S. With our modular, wireless design, we can quickly address additional handsets. iPhone 6 and Samsung phones are up next.

What colors are available?

The case is currently available in black and white.

Does the popSLATE app integrate with other picture platforms?

We are integrated with Instagram, giving you access to millions of images today. More to come…

How can I buy popSLATE?

Click on the “Order Now” button to place your order.

Phone Compatibility :

iPhone 5 and 5S running iOS7+


4” ePaper, B&W


Dual-mode Bluetooth: 2.1, 4.0


1 week on a single charge with normal use. Charged through a micro-USB


Packed with smarts and ultra-thin @ 3.8mm thick


40 grams